GYBOL [g-eye-bol]

abbreviation for

  1. Get Your Business Online

Who are we?

It was the summer of 1998. Spring showers left flooding in the Midlands and our founder decided he wanted more stress and longer working hours. Initially born as a consultancy, our company has morphed over the years; providing everything from web site design, consultancy, web applications, and, hosting services. We've worked with companies big and small.

Our mission is simple; to help your business succeed online

These days, we use those 22+ years of experience to provide solutions that help your business (or personal project) get the most out of doing business online.

We're so committed to our mission that we even drew our company name from it. We constantly strive to bring innovative new ideas to your business, enabling you to meet the expanding and fast changing needs of doing business online.


Incredible people

At Gybol, we aim to employ people who are committed to delivering amazing services and offering fantastic support, while going the extra mile to relieve you of the headaches which come with doing business in an online, always connected world.

Work with us

UK Based

UK based, latest tech

Our people, and our data centres, are UK based and use the latest technology to deliver the fastest, most secure, and most reliable services possible. We continuously monitor those services and are constantly improving and updating everything we do and offer.