Your brand starts with your domain name

From and .com to .store, .club and even .vodka - we've got 100's of domain extensions to help you find your identity

£10.25 /year
£12.75 /year
£10.25 /year
£15.20 /year

Free mailbox with every domain

Most other providers offer email forwarding for your domain which lets you get email sent to an existing mailbox. Problem with that is your domain can receive email but not send it; or maybe you don't have anywhere to forward to.

With Gybol, you get a basic, no-frills, no-cost email address that can send and receive; plus it's protected by our advanced anti-spam systems.

Free mailbox with every domain

Every domain comes with …

Easy setup and management

No technical skills needed. Quick, simple, and, always available control panel for managing your domain.

Website and Email forwarding

Forward your domain to a website hosted elsewhere and have emails sent to your domain forwarded to your, or another mailbox. All for FREE

Lots of subdomains

Use sub-domains such as or to separate parts of your website.

Advanced DNS control

Want to get techy? Advanced DNS control lets you change nameservers, MX, A and CNAME records giving you total control

Domain FAQs

  • Domains are made up of a domain extension (TLD) and a unique name or identity. In, “example” would be a unique name exclusive to you while the “.com” part would be the domain extension. Put together they can be used to give your website and email unique identifiers that separate them from the rest of the web and enable your customers, family and friends to find you.

  • There are over 600 domain extensions (or TLDs) available using our domain search engine which means there’s bound to be one that suits your needs. The original ones like .com, .org, and, have been around for years but now there are hundreds more like .co, .shop or .blog, even .vodka and .xyz.

    Different extensions suit different purposes so choose an extension that suites your purpose and if the name you want is not available with a certain extension, try another – for example try .co instead of .com, or .store instead of .shop. Check out Extensions and Pricing for a list of extensions that are available.

  • It’s easy – just use the search box at the top of this page and enter a name, identity or idea that you’d like and let our search engine do its work.  If your domain name is available, you can register it with just a few details; if it’s not we’ll give you some suggestions or you can search for another name.

  • Yes, you can have as many as you want. Some people chose to register their name with different extensions to protect their brand from use by others, or you might want different domains for different projects.

  • When you register a domain you effectively lease the domain for the duration you’ve paid for, normally one year but most domains can be registered (“leased”) for longer. At the end of the lease period you get the option to “renew” the lease.  So long as you own the lease you can do anything you want with the domain – even sell the lease to someone else.

  • In most cases you can register domains quite cheaply.  Domains are priced according to the extension of the domain (the part after the 1st dot), the most common ones can be registered at low prices. Specialist extensions may cost a little more.

    The exception is “premium domains” which can cost considerably more. These are domains that the extension owners think are more valuable and have put a much higher price on.

  • When your domain is due for renewal, we will try to renew it for you automatically – unless you’ve told us not to - to ensure your website and email can keep working without any problems. You can turn off automatic renewal anytime and you can manually renew your domains using our online control panel or by giving us a call.

  • Of course. Our self-help portal is available 24x7 and covers many common topics to help get you going and keep you going. Should you need more hands on help then our Tech Team are available by raising a support ticket or giving us a call.
  • Yes, all your domains can be managed using our online control panel which means you have total control at any time of day.