Secure Web Hosting

Increase trust and safety on your website with a secure SSL certificate - free for the 1st year

Increase trust

Secure sites are trusted by users more than non-secure sites and if you have any forms on your website then a secure site is essential to ensure the information your customers type into those forms remains secure and private.

Also, web browsers alert users to non-secure sites meaning your visitors start to doubt your brand - don't let that happen when you can fix it for free.

Increase trust

Available to everyone

Purchase any of our hosting packages, for any duration and Secure Web Hosting is yours for FREE for the 1st year

Easy to activate

Login to our admin portal, find your hosting under Services and switch on secure hosting. It's as simple as that.

Search engines love it

Search engines like Google are starting to penalise websites that are non-secure and give priority to secure websites; meaning your secure website will appear closer to the top of the search results compared to your non-secure competitors.

Search engines like secure sites

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Perfect for personal websites, blogs, start-ups, and other small sites

Extreme Hosting

Loads of space, multiple sites and plenty of mail accounts to enable your business presence on the web

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1st year
1st year
£4.99 /month
£7.99 /month
£10.99 /month
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Got questions?

  • Your website will be on our modern servers hosted in our UK data centres which are constantly monitored for security and performance. On top of that, we are continually updating and improving our network and infrastructure to make sure we are providing the fastest services possibly.

  • Every web hosting package includes a range of features plus UK support and access to our online control panel.

  • Your Web Hosting service will be up and running within 10 minutes of purchasing, ready for your website to be uploaded.
  • Using our online control panel, you can forward as many domains as you want to your websites - there's no limit.
  • You certainly can - in fact you can install many applications with a single click in our online control panel.

    Of course, you're also welcome to upload the application files yourself if you like.